The well-known local Ibiza Jacaranda Lounge presents an event of the most special kind that will take place in Thailand: The Ibiza Party in Thailand. The Ibiza Party is a show that brings together different countries, trying to take the spirit of the Mediterranean island to other places, among them the most exotic Asian countries. Although these places are separated by many kilometers, they all have something in common: a

Hiring a saxophonist for private parties can make the difference, when it comes to providing fun and great music for friends or family guests. But if that saxophonist is Anastasia McQueen, then class and the fun will be more than guaranteed. Anastasia always takes the time to talk with customers, to make sure she understands what they are looking for and what kind of show they want to watch. A

Looking for an international saxophonist? Maybe you have a party room or you have some business that you want to promote. You want to organize a party that attracts new customers and rewards your established clients. In this case, you should find a good hook that makes the party stand out from all others with a special touch. By hiring a female saxophonist you have taken a step into the

Anastasia McQueen’s saxophone performances make us want to find out more about this instrument, and that is why were are going to talk more here about this instrument whose name came from the union of two words: sax, from the surname of its creator, Joseph Sax, and phone, the word for sound. So, in fact, its name means the Sound of Sax. The saxophone is an interesting instrument because it

The end of this year has been very special for Anastasia McQueen as it has been filled with projects, some of which we can tell you about in this blog, and which are sure to surprise you. To say goodbye to 2016, Anastasia played at the L’Oreal Spain Christmas party, an important event to which she put her own personal touch thanks to her musical performance. L ‘Oréal is one

This weekend we will put an end to 2016. It’s been a year full of great memories! To Anastasia McQueen, this year has been marked by the chance of turning some her dreams into realities and to live new and interesting professional experiences, such as the opportunity to play on the streets of Andorra during the local Shopping Festival. There are always plans to be made, activities to take part