Looking for an international saxophonist? Maybe you have a party room or you have some business that you want to promote. You want to organize a party that attracts new customers and rewards your established clients. In this case, you should find a good hook that makes the party stand out from all others with a special touch.

By hiring a female saxophonist you have taken a step into the realm of originality. If you choose an international saxophonist with a solid reputation, you will be guaranteeing a top quality performance.

When an international saxophonist is called to perform on stage in different countries at all kinds of parties, you know there is something special that makes her stand out.Anastasia McQueen has performed, for example, in the best hotel in Andorra during the last New Year’s Eve party. This month she will be performing in important hotels in Thailand.

Either as a classical saxophonist, a member of a Big Band or carrying out her own show, Anastasia knows what it is like to tour different countries and please very different audiences. This great versatility and extensive experience guarantee quality work.


One of the keys to be able to succeed in countries with different cultures and audiences as diverse as the lovers of classical music, jazz or current dance music is in knowing how to personalize each performance with a different and unique touch.

By observing the audience and always offering something specially designed for them, it is possible to connect in a much more direct and simple way.To create a great sax show, one must avoid falling into stereotyped and uptight routines that end up being repetitive, mechanical and lacking in magic.

Of course, Anastasia is not the only international saxophonist that you can hire for your party or event… but her show is unique and personal in a way that makes her stand out. She does not just play her repertoire without any thought, but rather she has created a show that can be adapted for any occasion.

Her vast experience gives Anastasia the ability to improvise, and her passionate work relies on the best ideas to create fantastic performances. That’s why this international saxophonist is a top performer that always goes above and beyond expectations.