A new year arrives and with it comes the illusion of the new projects and of those desires that we hope will come true in the new year. This 2017 has left unforgettable moments in the life of Anastasia. She has continued to consolidate as one of Ibiza’s best-known saxophonists and her shows have gained even more quality and experience. It has been a year full of work and that

When a well known performer performs some type of event their image is at stake. All those who come to witness it know that what they see there will be representative of the brand, both the good and the bad. A badly organised performance will put across a bad image of their company because they are ultimately responsible for the way that everything works out. A bad performance on stage

La vida privada de Anastasia es privada. No obstante hay aspectos que sí pueden comentarse. Hay personas para las que el tiempo no transcurre de igual modo. Es la única manera de explicarse cómo alguien como Anastasia McQueen es capaz de hacer todo lo que hace. Ahora que la conocemos un poco mejor sabemos que es una auténtica virtuosa del saxo con muchos años de estudios a sus espaldas. Hemos