Can you imagine the kind of madness having to attend seventy weddings in a single summer? Well, that’s what Anastasia McQueen had to do. Luckily for her, it has not been as a guest. Our beautiful saxophonist would not have been able to supply gifts and get premiering outfits for all those weddings.

More than seventy couples have however trusted her throughout this summer and she has made their wedding day a special one. Anastasia is delighted about this, and that is why she wanted to express from here all her affection and her deepest gratitude to all the couples who have thought of her for such important dates. At the same time, she apologizes to all those who have contacted her but, because of her tight schedule, have not been able to hire her for the scheduled dates.

This is Just one of the Many Works of Anastasia McQueen
Any self-respecting musician would be happy to have seventy weddings in a summer. This can be considered more than an incredible number but that`s not the end of it. Anastasia has been periodically going to Barcelona to perform, she has also worked at fixed parties in Ibiza and has even made international performances this summer.

The magnitude of work of this woman always leaves us with an open mouth. This is because Anastasia has additionally participated in other events and private parties for which she was hired. She has done all this without giving up working as an occasional model, making photo shoots for some promotions.

Anastasia, Tireless
Despite being exhausted, Anastasia still looks better every day. The work gives her the energy she needs to continue every day while making people enjoy and live unforgettable moments with each of her shows.

By the way, should not forget that although Anastasia has worked on so many weddings during the summer, she is still willing to liven up your wedding in winter. Therefore, if you are getting married this winter in Ibiza, you can hire her so that your guests, your partner and you can enjoy her show. If the wedding is for next summer, you already know what to do. I’d be booking a date because, with so much work, it’s not easy to find Anastasia free just for the desired day. Things are done well in advance. Invite Anastasia to be part of your wedding and you will never regret it.