Calzedonia, the Italian lingerie brand, on the occasion of its 25th Anniversary held a party in the famous Botanical Garden of Madrid that was attended by different personalities from the world of fashion and cinema and also professionals of music, dance and music. Photography. An event that undoubtedly surprised a lot.

In a totally emblematic space and as taken out of a fairy tale (The Botanical Garden of Madrid) this party was celebrated that awakened all the senses of those present. Music, dance and art, lots of art, were the ingredients that made this an unforgettable party.

The event was attended by celebrities such as Paz Vega, Ana Antic, Cristina Tosio, Miranda Makaroff and Jesús Castro, among many others. The guests were able to enjoy various performances in which their protagonists sought to transmit and provoke sensations among their spectators and, without a doubt, they succeeded. Among them they could enjoy the music of the saxophonist Anastasia McQueen, who is currently one of the best known for her live performances in Ibiza and other parts of the world. The feet did not stop moving thanks to the fantastic music that came from the hand of Gigi McFarlane, who left no time for the guests to sit down thanks to the versions of great hits he sang, including: Michael Jackson or Madonna.

The idyllic space could not be more conducive to the choreographies that combined the classic with the most modern or contemporary, the managers? WOSAP school dancers.

But what is a party without a photographer? How could it be otherwise, the event of the 25th Anniversary of Calzedonia had the prestigious photographer Ramón Palacios Pelletier. In addition the guests could take memories from the hand (never better) of artists such as Nuria Riaza, Monserrat Salvat or Gisela Talita who made portraits of the guests.

Without a doubt, the biggest congratulations to Calzedonia for its 25th Anniversary, for all the years that have accompanied us and for this unforgettable party.