Winter comes with its cold and long nights. Such nights should be filled with heat and experiences that make our hearts beat so they do not stay frozen. The nights can only be better with an Anastasia McQueen show. Anastasia McQueen can act in your private events if you wish. She can liven up your birthday, play on your anniversary or at the Christmas party you have planned for your friends. On our website, you will find the form to request any information you need.

Do you Need an Excuse to See Anastasia McQueen?
It does not take lots of excuses to hire Anastasia to cheer a performance and make a special party among friends and family. We can only give you two important reasons you should hire Anastasia:

  • The supermoon of January 31.

It is true that there is another before this, but it is at the end of the year, so we are not going to speed things up so much. But let’s see what this sounds like: a boat party, dinner with snacks and the music of Anastasia McQueen. Don`t you think it’s something fantastic? It will not even matter if it’s cold because the occasion will be worth it.

And if you can`t dare celebrate on a boat, dare to go for a walk on the beach, see the moon and then wrap yourself in a place with great temperature to enjoy an Anastasia show.

  • Valentine’s Day.

For the most confused, it is on the 14th of February. This day is just around the corner. Would it not be perfect to rent a place for several couples, dine and enjoy the Anastasia show?

Of course, a private concert for you and your partner playing some slow and very romantic songs would be perfect. Surely if you give something like that, you will have your partner surrendered at your feet the whole year.

Go Saving your Date
No matter what you decide to celebrate in the end, the important thing is that you are closing your date already because Anastasia is increasingly requested and every time you have to book her in advance. Do not miss out on your special winter celebration and enjoy a private Anastasia show that will warm any cold winter night.