Have you been able to take a look at the new promotional photos of Anastasia McQueen made by the prestigious photographer Irina Okuneva? If you have not had an opportunity to see the photos, it will take you a long time as you go through them on your Facebook or Instagram account because you will be amazed by the results.

We all know that Anastasia is really beautiful but these photographs have managed to capture it in a different way – very sensual and with a special appeal. It is true that with a model like this, the difficult thing is to make a bad picture. Nonetheless, in Irina Okuneva’s all the professional work have done justice to this female saxophonist.

Anastasia Poses as Few
Anastasia McQueen`s style of posing is better than that of other women who are usually dedicated to this type of shows. This is because she has worked on more than one occasion as a model. She is used to playing with the camera and posing naturally before a lens, something that, without a doubt, can be seen in all her photos.

She is a true professional in everything she does, both when she plays her saxophone and dances or when she poses before a camera. It is true that her true passion is music, but she knows very well that other things too are important in her career and she takes great care of each and every aspect of them.

The beauty of Anastasia does not need retouching, but the photos are treated with the right light and the perfect filters so that they are extraordinarily professional. This makes them have a really special touch. Anyone who sees them will know that they are not looking at any woman, but a musician who transmits not only on stage but also when given an opportunity for a photograph.

Next Projects
With her photos, Anastasia McQueen will be able to put an image on her next projects and promote her new performances. Her photos will act as a magnet for many people who still have not heard about her or are indifferent to her photos. Once they see her on stage, they will not forget her name again. If you like the images of Anastasia McQueen, do not hesitate to give them likes and follow them on the social networks to know where she will be acting soon. This way, you will be up to date with all your movements.