One of the unknown facets of Anastasia McQueen is that of an entrepreneur. In addition to her music studies, Anastasia also did some Economics studies, and holds a Diploma in Crisis Management. She is a woman with an excellent entrepreneurial training and worked in one of the most important banks in her country, also one of the youngest people to get her position.

In Ibiza, Anastasia has gradually advanced her business path. A vital aspect that guides Anastasia is that of managing her career in a personal way, even if she has assistants, who help organize her busy schedule. Therefore, this perfectionist character enables her to have absolute control over her entire career. This also allows her to have the assurance that she will always go in the direction that everyone expects.

Anastasia McQueen has the virtue of knowing how to do business and of profiting from everything she likes. She loves music and has made it her profession. She enjoys fashion, and has achieved a lot in her career as a model. She also loves fashion design and creates her own clothes.

Water sports is another passion for Anastasia McQueen. Anastasia enjoys the sea, and that’s why she has created, together with other partners, a company dedicated to maritime activities. Rental water bikes, boats, Fly-board equipment and the likes are some of the services they provide in their company, which is very famous in Ibiza.

Her facilities have delighted very famous characters in the world of sports and music, even international actors. The high quality of her services has fallen in love with the most demanding clients because, as always with Anastasia, professionalism is one of the hallmarks of her services.

Future projects.

We cannot presume to know what is in the head of Anastasia McQueen, but we will not be wrong if we say that, with total certainty, there are plans for the future in all aspects and fields. Anastasia is always thinking of how to improve everything in the face of the future, and how to advance a step further.

Her career as an entrepreneur is short, but she is already very successful, and has demonstrated that she knows how to evenly move in the business world. That is why, we would not be surprised if she embarked on a more ambitious project, perhaps a little later, once she has fully consolidated her international career.

What we cannot say is where this amazing woman gets time, because we really don’t have words to describe it.