There is a saying that the habit does not make the monk, but the truth is that few of us would imagine a monk without a habit. By this I mean that although the appearance is not the only thing that matters, we cannot ignore the importance of physical appearance. The image in an artist is fundamental. Can anyone imagine Madonna as queen of pop if in her concerts she

Many believe that a good saxophonist like Anastasia McQueen, once she finishes her studies, only has to worry about interpreting music. But the truth is that music is a profession in which continuing education is really essential. True musicians never finish studying and anyone who has walked even a few steps in that field will tell you the same thing. Even after graduating from high school and having completed a

You just have to look at her social networks to realise that Anastasia is a woman with a very romantic heart. His photographs demonstrate her taste for beautiful details and for those feminine things that enchant women with their special sensitivity. Not surprisingly, almost all people who perform musical studies are very sensitive and sensitive people are romantic. And if there is something that these people really like, it’s definitely

In the world of music all innovations are received with some distrust on the part of the purists. In the case of the sax, it should be added that the instrument itself was received with considerable mistrust when it was first presented in partnership with other instruments in orchestras and bands. It was considered to be a second rate instrument, without the elegance of others that had been in existence

In previous articles on the saxophone, we have seen how this is linked to jazz music since its inception and how it is also part of classical music. But it would seem that very few people know the relationship between the saxophone and flamenco. Perhaps it is because we are talking about a relationship that has not borne much fruit, in fact the first recordings of this were those made

They say that musicals are not in fashion. They also say that jazz has long ceased to interest the public, but then a movie such as “La, la, Land” appears and proves everyone wrong while collecting prizes from across the board. This is a musical with jazzy vibe, featuring a pianist who loves this classic musical style and a young actress wannabe who was unaware of this musical style until