Many believe that a good saxophonist like Anastasia McQueen, once she finishes her studies, only has to worry about interpreting music. But the truth is that music is a profession in which continuing education is really essential.

True musicians never finish studying and anyone who has walked even a few steps in that field will tell you the same thing. Even after graduating from high school and having completed a Master’s degree, musicians, even those with big reputations, continue to attend Magisterial Classes from other musicians whom they respect, with many of them even travelling to take these courses abroad.

In other cases, musicians study on their own, but that does not mean that they do not have to devote hours and hours to their tests of knowledge and to practising. This is the only way to become a successful person in the world of music. It is the only way to become a good saxophonist like Anastasia McQueen.

She is clear that she has to continually shape her skill and that the study will always be part of her life. Of course, her love for saxophone makes all those sacrifices really easy to take on and she does not mind having to spend hours and hours pressing keys, buttons, keys and levers.

A good saxophonist who is already among the best

Anastasia is not only a good saxophonist, she is ranking among the best in her style and is one of the most sought after. Few female saxophonists offer shows as high quality as Anastasia and she has other advantages, such as her sympathy and her naturalness on stage.

Anastasia knows how to improvise and bring freshness to each performance. She has the resources to manage any last-minute problems or any unforeseen issues that arise during the performance.

Being a great professional and being among the best in her style is no accident, it is the result of effort and a mixture of work and continued study that not everyone is willing to take on.

Therefore, she is increasingly in demand and has more performances not only in Ibiza, but also throughout Spain and even in other countries. In recent months Anastasia has played in Malta, Thailand and Andorra to give just a few examples. She has also travelled to New York because of her professional projects.