You just have to look at her social networks to realise that Anastasia is a woman with a very romantic heart. His photographs demonstrate her taste for beautiful details and for those feminine things that enchant women with their special sensitivity.

Not surprisingly, almost all people who perform musical studies are very sensitive and sensitive people are romantic. And if there is something that these people really like, it’s definitely weddings.

Weddings are always very special, from the simplest events to those in which rich detail is not lacking in the slightest. It is a day that marks the end of a stage of the lives of the couple and, at least symbolically, the beginning of a new one. They commit to the people they love and offer their vows in a ceremony that is a celebration of love.

For anyone with a very romantic heart to be part of one of these celebrations is something special and so her performances at weddings are undertaken with the utmost commitment.

A very romantic heart and a very professional spirit

Anastasia has a very romantic heart but she is also a great professional. When they call her to play at a wedding she knows that everything has to come out perfect, as in all her performances, but perhaps a little more perfect because it will be an unforgettable day for two people.

And she has been entrusted to be there and to play her part so that everything is special for that day and so that nothing departs from the careful script that the devoted couple have in their minds. This is a natural desire: it is a special day and nobody wants unforeseen hiccups or failures.

That’s why Anastasia never disappoints the couple who hire her to put music on that day. She plays in a special and very romantic way in these events and is able to transmit this part of herself that is usually kept very private, so that it comes to light in each of her notes.

And if the bride and groom ask her to play at the party, then Anastasia knows how to put that romantic spark at a certain moment, but also to play with all her might so that the guests can dance and enjoy original, high quality dance music and a different sax show.