Anastasia’s private life is very private. However, there are certain aspects that she is prepared to discuss. There are people for whom time does not pass in the same way; this is the only way to explain how someone like Anastasia McQueen is able to do everything she does. Now that we are getting to know her a little better, we can understand that she is a true virtuoso saxophone

Perhaps her name does not sound familiar if you have not been a regular of the party scenes of Ibiza, but it is possible that her beautiful face is recognisable. This is probably because Anastasia McQueen is also a fantastic supermodel who has featured in many very prestigious magazines and has starred in major campaigns. However, she is best-known as a virtuoso musician who masterfully handles the saxophone and has

La vida privada de Anastasia es privada. No obstante hay aspectos que sí pueden comentarse. Hay personas para las que el tiempo no transcurre de igual modo. Es la única manera de explicarse cómo alguien como Anastasia McQueen es capaz de hacer todo lo que hace. Ahora que la conocemos un poco mejor sabemos que es una auténtica virtuosa del saxo con muchos años de estudios a sus espaldas. Hemos

Anastasia McQueen’s shows are amazing in all its aspects. Her revolutionary way of playing the saxophone and the accompanying shows has led to her becoming increasingly sought after in the Ibizan party scene, as she always offers the best of times to her extremely demanding clientele. One of these aspects is Anastasia McQueen’s amazing wardrobe. Clothing has a very important role in her shows because they are an intrinsic part