Anastasia’s private life is very private. However, there are certain aspects that she is prepared to discuss. There are people for whom time does not pass in the same way; this is the only way to explain how someone like Anastasia McQueen is able to do everything she does. Now that we are getting to know her a little better, we can understand that she is a true virtuoso saxophone with many years of study behind her. We have discovered that in addition to studying music to a very deep level, she was also able to get a college degree – and she even sews her own clothes. And all this while performing all kinds of shows in the best nightclubs and hotels in Ibiza, and starring in many different types of advertising campaigns! All this could mean that we might start to believe that that Anastasia is a woman who lives exclusively for her work. Nothing could be further from the truth. She enjoys life with passion and intensity, just like any young person who loves sports and music.



Anastasia truly loves sports, especially those related to the sea. Her partner is one of the most important figures in flyboard and hoverboard sports. They are sports that she has practised and become an expert, although it is not uncommon to see her also practising other watersports, such as jet skiing, another of her passions. Water sports are a great way for her to enjoy life intensely and keep fit. Flyboarding is also a key part of some of Anastasia’s shows. This shows how it is possible to combine what you like to do professionally with enjoyment on a personal level. Anastasia has cleverly managed to take full advantage of her interests.



Perhaps the reason that Anastasia McQueen manages to achieve so much in one day is down to the fact that she enjoys everything that she does. She is a happy person and completely at peace with herself, something that clearly broadcasts itself in all her actions. Her way of interacting with the public, the way she is able to perceive the mood of those who are listening and improvising based on the vibrations she receives, makes her stand out head and shoulders above other musicians. And this is something that can only be achieved when there is a great balance on a professional and personal level. Anastasia seems to have that special something that makes her shine even brighter.