Sax music can be the greatest discovery you make this Christmas. The saxophone can be an ideal choice when it comes to playing the world’s most well-known Christmas songs. In fact, some internationally renowned musicians have already incorporated sax music into their albums. Among these, the most well-known musician is possibly Kenny G., who won a Grammy award and became famous during the 1980s and 1990s following his solo work

Nothing can be left to chance when it comes to organising a Christmas corporate event, and this is why many specialised event companies are fully booked as early in the year as October. If you want to make sure that your event features the best shows and takes places at a top venue, you will need to plan ahead. Come December, Christmas corporate events have already taken place, and if

Is your best friend’s birthday approaching but she doesn’t seem too chuffed about becoming a year older? Maybe she’s entering a new decade, a fact that always makes us pause to think about what we have achieved so far. Regardless of which birthday number we’re talking about, we’re sure that the change will be worth it, and as such, it is worth celebrating it in style. Legend has it that

Milan is considered the capital of Italian fashion and, along with New York and Paris, it is a world-wide fashion capital. This city is where the great designers have their main workshops, and it is here that they present their most important creations which we see on the catwalks. It is considered the most important city when it comes to pret-à-porter, that is to say, the fashion that we wear

Anastasia McQueen also entertains at private meetings. These kind of corporate events are common at conventions and business meetings of all kinds. A private performance is often organised as a way of closing the evening. It’s a good finale after one or more days of hard work, where business deals have been done and where there have been days of stressful debates. These events allow people to relax and unwind,

The great saxophonist Anastasia McQueen offers shows unlike any other. But, perhaps, what has made her the talk of the town are the shows in Ibiza. Especially those offered by some hotels during the day, using the pool area. Competition in Ibiza is intense. That’s why hotels try to attract customers throughout the day with attractions and shows. Concerts are not only a nighttime experience – it’s common to find