Is your best friend’s birthday approaching but she doesn’t seem too chuffed about becoming a year older? Maybe she’s entering a new decade, a fact that always makes us pause to think about what we have achieved so far. Regardless of which birthday number we’re talking about, we’re sure that the change will be worth it, and as such, it is worth celebrating it in style. Legend has it that you don’t really get older when you celebrate your birthday in a truly special way and involve everyone present. If you manage to organise the perfect birthday celebration, you may even feel you are getting slightly younger. If this is true, we can definitely affirm that becoming a year older in Ibiza doesn’t really count as getting older, because in this island you have all the numbers to ensure that your birthday party is unforgettable. Now you’re probably thinking “why not organise the most special birthday party for that friend that isn’t too excited about getting older, or for the one that has had a tough year?”. That’s a brilliant idea and you should start getting everything ready right away!

You can start the birthday night with a private party. The first step is to put together a WhatsApp group and add everyone who must absolutely attend the event. To avoid problems, make sure to show them a more or less defined plan that includes details about dates, flights, and accommodation. Ibiza offers plenty of choices in this respect, and if you are rather young and don’t need a plush accommodation option, you can even find a budget hostel and share a room. But if you really want to experience what Ibiza has to offer, you must dive right into its nightlife. The magic of Ibiza’s parties is known all over the world, but before mingling with the crowds, wouldn’t you want to celebrate the birthday with a private party? Depending on how many people there are in your group, you can hire a private room and enjoy a group dinner and drinks. To put a perfect end to a perfect birthday celebration, you can arrange a live music show with female saxophonist Anastasia McQueen. This would be a very special gift for the birthday girl. After enjoying this unique show, you’ll have your batteries super-charged, the atmosphere will be vibrant, and it’ll be time to enjoy Ibiza’s nightlife to the fullest showing that age doesn’t matter at all, and especially so in Ibiza.