Milan is considered the capital of Italian fashion and, along with New York and Paris, it is a world-wide fashion capital. This city is where the great designers have their main workshops, and it is here that they present their most important creations which we see on the catwalks.
It is considered the most important city when it comes to pret-à-porter, that is to say, the fashion that we wear every day, but it is also where many of the best European fashion designers, the most esteemed at international levels, have their headquarters.
With the presentation of the fashion shows for each season, thousands of people, directly or indirectly related to the world of fashion, flock to Milan. With so many visitors it it stands to reason that there is an increase in entertainment and leisure activities, and the city offers many interesting musical events.
Everything on offer has to live up to the high standards of an elegant and cosmopolitan city like Milan that, without being an enormous city like New York, knows how to firmly keep its place among the top positions of world-wide fashion rankings with its unique style and class.

Anastasia knows the world of fashion

By now, we all know that Anastasia McQueen is not only the most famous female saxophonist in Ibiza and in other parts of the world, she is also a famous model who has participated in important fashion shows.
Milan is not an unknown city for Anastasia, with its great relationship with the world of fashion that is so important in this city. Her professional engagements have led her, on more than one occasion, to this part of Italy to work.

Anastasia, saxophonist in Milan

Anastasia McQueen’s work as a model has made her a well-known face to a great majority of people, but her interpretations as a female saxophonist are what have made her famous the length and breadth of the planet.
As a saxophonist in Milan, it is easy to imagine Anastasia participating in productions related to fashion shows and events that have to do with this world in which she moves like a fish in water.
The best female saxophonist presents her shows in the fashion capital because she lives up to the demands of the best designers, both in her work as a model and when she plays her music, revealing her gift to the world.