The great saxophonist Anastasia McQueen offers shows unlike any other. But, perhaps, what has made her the talk of the town are the shows in Ibiza. Especially those offered by some hotels during the day, using the pool area. Competition in Ibiza is intense. That’s why hotels try to attract customers throughout the day with attractions and shows. Concerts are not only a nighttime experience – it’s common to find all kinds of activities during the day. It could be argued, however, that none are like Anastasia McQueen. Her shows are a combination of her amazing musical talent with a number of incredible Flyboarding moves. She offers the best pool parties with flyboarding in the world – they have to be seen to be believed!



While she seduces audiences with her music, Flyboard experts do all sorts of amazing stunts and tricks. You can see them rising high into the air above the pool. It is important to note that these manoeuvres would already be complicated at sea, so having to be limited to the space of a pool makes the stunts even more arduous and difficult. It is extremely tricky to perform certain stunts with only a small rise in the air and without the safety net of the sea as a backdrop instead. Therefore, these chosen specialists are the best acrobats in the world, able to perform great figures in the air with the mastery which others are not able to do on land.



Anastasia delights her audiences playing the saxophone while inciting all to dance. After all, if the environment and atmosphere are right, people will always feel excited about music. When everyone is dancing while watching the show, feeling that they are at the hottest spot in town, Anastasia is able to offer the best of her show. Anastasia is close to the pool and one of the experts invites to climb on his Flyboard along with it. She is placed on the apparatus and allows it to rise whilst being held and Anastasia does not stop playing the saxophone at all! Watching her play while flying over the pool is such an amazing experience. It’s so surreal that seems to have happened in a dream. Once seen, it is impossible to forget. Anastasia’s show will forever stay in your memory – filed away in the section for really great memories.