Anastasia McQueen’s shows are amazing in all its aspects. Her revolutionary way of playing the saxophone and the accompanying shows has led to her becoming increasingly sought after in the Ibizan party scene, as she always offers the best of times to her extremely demanding clientele. One of these aspects is Anastasia McQueen’s amazing wardrobe. Clothing has a very important role in her shows because they are an intrinsic part of it. She changes costumes several times during her shows and not into something casual! Her clothing is part of the show – it is original, unique, different and adapted to Anastasia’s statuesque body in a completely natural way. Her clothes are able to follow all her movements and sometimes even seem to move to the rhythm of the music.



It is no coincidence that Anastasia McQueen designs her own wardrobe and even sews her own costumes. This ensures that everything is as she likes it, and her clothes fit her body like a second skin. Anastasia also works as a model so she knows all the intricacies of the fashion world very well. She understands how to make the most of her body and the secrets of the most spectacular outfits. Her clothes are used to enhance the spectacle of her shows and to highlight certain aspects of the performances. They manage to keep the audience attentive to every movement, every change and every note. The atmosphere that permeates her shows is very special because she achieves full communication with those who come to see it. And this is largely because she never disappoints her audiences.



This has not happened yet and Anastasia McQueen’s clothing designs are exclusively for her own use. However, given her originality and the hype surrounding her designs by the people who come to see her, it would not be surprising if Anastasia was tempted to launch her own line of clothes in the near future. Would you wear Anastasia’s designs, or would you feel that they are exclusively for artists on stage? Who knows? Only time will tell which direction the career of this amazing woman will take. What is certain is that Anastasia is a truly multi-talented lady with a bright future in front of her!