This weekend we will put an end to 2016. It’s been a year full of great memories! To Anastasia McQueen, this year has been marked by the chance of turning some her dreams into realities and to live new and interesting professional experiences, such as the opportunity to play on the streets of Andorra during the local Shopping Festival. There are always plans to be made, activities to take part in, perhaps new shows and professional challenges, like performing in new countries during the coming year, playing again in those places where her shows were truly special, or perhaps performing her saxophone show in Madrid or Barcelona.


You may be reading this blog because you’ve seen one of Anastasia McQueen’s shows and have decided to follow her here on on social networks to keep up to date with her upcoming performances. If this is the case, you’ll most likely be able to see her again in this coming year. But if you’ve never had the chance of watching one of Anastasia’s live performances, 2017 may be your lucky year. There’s always a good excuse to travel to Ibiza to enjoy some of the most beautiful landscapes in Spain, and possibly in the whole of Europe. So why not plan a getaway to Ibiza with your friends and give yourselves a chance to be wowed by Anastasia McQueen and her shows? Add a trip to Ibiza to your 2017 to-do list, and chances are that one or more of your friends will join you. Best of all, you won’t have to wait until the summer to enjoy this gorgeous island, because Ibiza has a lively atmosphere all year round. A boat trip, a hiking adventure, and getting a good rest at a hotel may be all you need before enjoying Ibiza’s nightlife to the fullest.


No matter what your dreams are, Anastasia McQueen wishes you a successful 2017 full of opportunities to turn them into realities. This year, perhaps you’ll be able to share a special celebration with her, or you may attend one of her sax performances in Ibiza.