Hiring a saxophonist for private parties can make the difference, when it comes to providing fun and great music for friends or family guests. But if that saxophonist is Anastasia McQueen, then class and the fun will be more than guaranteed.

Anastasia always takes the time to talk with customers, to make sure she understands what they are looking for and what kind of show they want to watch. A good example of the kind of saxophone shows that Anastasia makes are her famous boat parties.

In these events, she works with a DJ to create a very special atmosphere and impress all guests with a touch of luxury and distinction.


A private party does not have to be synonymous with intimate party. There are times when you want to celebrate in style, with specific and select guests, even if they are numerous. For example, you may want to organize anniversary of a party room or a hotel, where VIP customers and people with a working relationship with the venue are invited.

In these cases the main focus will be making an impression, since the show has to be a reflection of the success of the business. With Anastasia McQueen you get the highest quality performances, with great professionalism and a taste for details that will satisfy the most demanding.

If you have a swimming pool, it might be possible to make an act involving Flyboards that will impress all your guests… especially if it is carried out at night using LED lights.

Call the number on this page to hire Anastasia McQueen and find out about the different possibilities offered by this saxophonist for private parties; you’ll be happy you called her!