Anastasia McQueen loves to enjoy Ibiza by day. She told us this a little while ago on Facebook, where she mentioned that she already feels summer coming to the island. She is a great lover of water sports and she knows that there are many things to do in Ibiza by day. The beautiful beaches of Ibiza are perfect for relaxing on, sunbathing and also for sleeping during a long

There are some things that are already fixtures of the night life in Ibiza, and Anastasia McQueen appears to be one of them. Her sax shows in Ibiza are already well known and at this moment she has a whole load of performances in very important rooms, just as we are telling you on this blog. Anastasia is one of the artists in Ibiza that we can presume will never

We are letting you know that this summer, Anastasia McQueen will participate in the Sintillate parties at Nikki Beach Ibiza. However, on May 11th, that is to say this Thursday, you can already enjoy this event. Also invited to the Sintillate parties is DJ Loeca, and there will be dancers and a whole lot of fun. An appointment that you cannot miss, and one that will be very special is

We continue with this little summary of how Ibiza has become the phenomenon that it is today, and how the label ‘Artistas Ibiza’ has varied greatly with the march of the years until it has become what it is in the present: a symbol of amazing quality dance music and of highly elaborate spectacles that are devised to surprise and delight a public that gets harder to please every time.

There are combinations that are able to create something very special when it comes to the most brilliant artists, and this is true in the case of Anastasia McQueen. In her, we see the union of a look suitable to a model, carefully created and with a beautiful appearance, with the hands of an artist able to handle the saxophone like a dream. Anastasia loves the sax and this is

If you want to play a musical instrument, the first thing that you need to learn is how to feel the music and to love it. Many people begin music classes because they want to imitate a famous musician and emulate their performances on stage. There is nothing wrong with this; it simply means that the famous musician in question has put across enough passion and feeling to prompt another