Anastasia McQueen loves to enjoy Ibiza by day. She told us this a little while ago on Facebook, where she mentioned that she already feels summer coming to the island. She is a great lover of water sports and she knows that there are many things to do in Ibiza by day.

The beautiful beaches of Ibiza are perfect for relaxing on, sunbathing and also for sleeping during a long and refreshing siesta so that you have energy for the afternoon and the night ahead. If you need to wake up a good splash around in the water is the most agreeable way to get yourself into action.

The afternoon in Ibiza lengthens itself thanks to long dinners which, as is the custom in Spain, you can enjoy late in the day. As such, there is time to take a speedboat trip, to enjoy your hotel’s swimming pool and also to see some spectacle or other that is being presented in the hotel by the lady herself.

This is not the first time that Anastasia McQueen has performed in a hotel, in the swimming pool area, accompanied by a Flyboard show. These afternoon parties are a fantastic aperitif that will leave you looking forward even more to the night time, which is about to sweep over Ibiza.

Ibiza by day: beaches, sun and parties

In Ibiza, the best thing to do is not to rush: everything has to be relaxed, because we are talking about a place where you can enjoy your holidays. You can begin the day with an excursion to visit one of the island’s most beautiful locations.

Begin your departure so that, when you arrive, there will be time to enjoy yourself on a deck chair for a couple of hours and go fr a dip before you need to return to the hotel to get ready.

Another option is to rent a boat and experience the sea in a different way. Maritime activities, in general, are very popular and so you will need to plan them in advance and make a reservation.

Having your dinner late has many advantages in Ibiza. On one hand, for instance, it enables you to take the most advantage possible of your time on the island, and you can enjoy a siesta without worrying that it won’t leave you enough time to do everything that you want that day.

Moreover, eating late means you can make dinner part of your night time excursion without there being any lags in your schedule. Once you have enjoyed a fantastic dinner in whichever of the restaurants in the island you please, the time will have come to head over to the night time parties.