We continue with this little summary of how Ibiza has become the phenomenon that it is today, and how the label ‘Artistas Ibiza’ has varied greatly with the march of the years until it has become what it is in the present: a symbol of amazing quality dance music and of highly elaborate spectacles that are devised to surprise and delight a public that gets harder to please every time. In the 90s, many English businesses were having real problems organising parties in London nightclubs due to the restrictive rules in the UK. Fed up of seeing their plans frustrated, they began to organise parties in Ibiza, and even rented charter flights for the occasion. These parties were so famous and there were so many people keen to participate that on some occasions when they were held in a quasi-surprise form without too much advance notice, it was already clear that the organisers would have no problem filling the room. Throughout this whole decade, the English considered this island their meeting place for parties and fun. To this day, English tourism continues to be very important.

Artistas Ibiza in the 21st century

It was with the arrival of the new century that the era of the great DJs began, with one of their most famous figures being David Guetta. In 2011, the highest point in his career, Guetta worked as the principal DJ in Pacha every Tuesday. Perhaps he has been the first of the ‘Artistas Ibiza’ strictly speaking. Currently, Ibiza is home to a large number of party rooms in which a wide variety of spectacles are created, each of them attempting to keep surprising a public that needs to keep alive the idea that there is still much more to see and much more to experience. It is within this context that Anastasia McQueen creates her spectacles. She knows that right now this profession is hard to be part of – much harder than ever before – and that if you want to hold the public’s attention you need to present them with something of the highest quality. The people who come to Ibiza are not innocent, and they will not be captivated by a handful of lights and a few special effects: in the present day they require a spectacle of high quality in which it is evident that all details have been attended to and in which they can experience new things that they had never seen before. This is a huge challenge which, thus far, Anastasia is meeting with much success.