There are combinations that are able to create something very special when it comes to the most brilliant artists, and this is true in the case of Anastasia McQueen. In her, we see the union of a look suitable to a model, carefully created and with a beautiful appearance, with the hands of an artist able to handle the saxophone like a dream. Anastasia loves the sax and this is clear every time that she appears on stage. She does not limit her self to simply playing it – rather, she plays with it, seeking the instrument’s complicity and, with her skill, she ‘convinces’ it to emit the sounds that she wants to hear and which marry perfectly with the music. Perhaps the most surprising thing is the fact that she is able to reproduce music in very different styles; indeed Anastasia plays in all kinds of events, and not always in ones that demand dance music. It is certain that she is a passionate and knowledgeable player and in fact defines herself as a saxophonist of this style. But her talent and her huge dedication enable her to play a fantastic variety of musical styles.

The looks of a model – the perfect combination

Nevertheless, Anastasia McQueen possesses an image that truly aids her because it means that when she mounts the stage, everyone looks at her. We are not just talking about a beautiful woman, and we are not just talking about the fact that she has, without doubt, a great magnetism. Perhaps the key is the way in which she moves through the stage in her original clothing. We have said that Anastasia McQueen has the appearance of a model, and this isn’t just something that we said idly. In fact, she has posed for important companies and even when you look at the way that she poses for photographs on social medial you can see that she has an undeniable glamour. She knows how to move herself with grace and in this way she is able to attract the gaze of anyone who looks at her. In addition, however, Anastasia’s clothing style is very attention grabbing. She designs many of her own garments, and she personally chooses everything that goes on the stage. In this way, she has achieved a very modern, eye catching image that is quite simply perfect for her shows. Given that Anastasia also dances and moves at the same time as playing, her clothing needs to be comfortable, sensual and able to move with her – something she has sought out with great success.