The sax is fashionable and in Ibiza you can see different events in which female saxophonists are the protagonists. However, not all events have the same success and not all female saxophonists are really musicians. More than once, seeing a photograph of Anastasia McQueen, they have thought it is a professional model and that playing the saxophone is just an excuse to sneak in parties in Ibiza and show their

As you know if you follow this blog, the parties with saxo in Ibiza are very topical. Saxo music blends very well with the latest trends in dance music and most DJs know it, so they have begun to rely on the best saxophonists on the island to combine their shows and give them more dynamism. The public has received very well these types of parties with saxo, you only

Have you seen the latest videos that Anastasia McQueen posted on her Facebook? They are really incredible. I’m talking about those that correspond with the performance she did during the night in combination with an excellent Flyboard rider. And no, don’t think that you already know what is going to happen, because if you haven’t seen it you cannot even begin to imagine what it’s like. During the performance, Anastasia

When a well known performer performs some type of event their image is at stake. All those who come to witness it know that what they see there will be representative of the brand, both the good and the bad. A badly organised performance will put across a bad image of their company because they are ultimately responsible for the way that everything works out. A bad performance on stage

We continue to talk about why we have to see Anastasia McQueen live, a woman who grows as an artist every day and shows us that her peak is still very far from being reached. Let’s keep on exploring why you have to see her. -Because she usually accompanies the best musicians and DJs. This is very important. When a DJ already has a name and a prestige in the

Anastasia McQueen has a recognised prestige as an international saxophonist. Firstly from working with different groups and now in her solo career, Anastasia has trodden the boards of stages all over Europe and even as far away as India. And in all of these locations she has managed to win over very different audiences, using her music to get her message across without any barriers. As an international saxophonist, Anastasia,