As you know if you follow this blog, the parties with saxo in Ibiza are very topical. Saxo music blends very well with the latest trends in dance music and most DJs know it, so they have begun to rely on the best saxophonists on the island to combine their shows and give them more dynamism.

The public has received very well these types of parties with saxo, you only have to see the number of people that go to each one of them and the most famous DJs and they organize them as something habitual in his healthy of reference parties.
This summer, Anastasia McQueen has had the pleasure of collaborating as a saxophonist in Ibiza with parties as important as the Vintage Festival of DJ Sebastian Gamboa or La Movida, is in Barcelona with different DJs in the front line.

Anastasia, highly sought after

Anastasia McQueen is very much in demand among DJs who want to organize sax parties in Ibiza. She stands out for her great professionalism and for her way of contacting the public, so she never lacks the job. Rather we could say that what is missing is time with as many projects as they are put on the table.

Anastasia has participated in parties with saxo in Ibiza, but also in Barcelona, in Thailand and in other places. She is always ready to pack, take her wardrobe and her saxophone and stand wherever she is needed to make the public dance to the rhythm of her instrument and her own dances.

Holidays with saxo, a fashion and something else

We already know that in Ibiza everything is fashions, but the parties with sax seem like one of those fashions that have arrived to stay. Its great acceptance and the quality of the shows of professionals like Anastasia McQueen have made that type of events are more and more demanded by the public.

The sax will continue to sound in Ibiza for a long time and sure that Anastasia will continue to grow like foam in an environment in which it moves with total ease and that is taking it to visit very distant stages.
Will Anastasia Ibiza leave to focus on her career? Surely not, because she loves that island and its people.