The mise en scene is one of the most important parts of any spectacle and it is vital to a sax show. This is because when there are many musicians on stage, as is the case when we have a band performing, the audience’s attention can be dispersed – thus even if there are some elements that are a little slacker than others, the audience will fix their attention on

If you look at the class of Ibizan artists, you can find almost every kinds of performer, each of them devoted to putting on the most varied shows. After all, we are talking about a place which is visited by tourists as much for its sunshine and beaches as for its world-famous clubs. There, you can hear the most renowned DJs or enjoy performances that simply cannot be experienced anywhere

If there is a word that defines Anastasia McQueen when she steps on stage, that word is “sexy”. We are talking about a very beautiful woman who also knows how to move to attract attention in an elegant and very sensual way. Her femininity is plain to see and her charm too, but soon after she has taken the spotlight, other things about her start attracting our attention. First and

When you book one of Anastasia McQueen’s sax shows, you are not going to get a canned show which gets played every night in a different town. The great versatility of this artist allows her to adapt to all types of parties and events that she wants to perform, choosing the music she will play to match the customer’s desired themes. For example, sax performances at weddings or anniversary parties

Instagram is the most fashionable social network of the moment, and the most used by all those who want to follow their idols. People from the music, cinema or fashion industries use Instagram to stay in touch with their fans. There are some who have become celebrities thanks to the exposure they get from this network, where they share tutorials, images or experiences. If you like Anastasia McQueen and you

To hire a sax show, the first thing you need to do is deciding what exactly you are looking for. This type of show is not the same kind of performance you’d expect from a classic sax, orchestra, classical band or jazz show, which are general musical shows. Think of the sax player as a performer; she’s more suitable for a party where people want to dance than an intimate