Instagram is the most fashionable social network of the moment, and the most used by all those who want to follow their idols. People from the music, cinema or fashion industries use Instagram to stay in touch with their fans. There are some who have become celebrities thanks to the exposure they get from this network, where they share tutorials, images or experiences.

If you like Anastasia McQueen and you want to know a little more about what she does, where she is right now and you want to see some pictures of her day to day life – you can follow her on Instagram@anastasia_sax_mcqueen

There are already more than five thousand and five hundred people who follow her on social media, to stay up to date on her latest performances. You will see all kinds of material on her Instragram, but great quality photographs will be the main focus.


Follow Anastasia on Instagram to see her high quality photographs, always made with care and a touch of professionalism but full of spontaneous charm.

In addition to being a very important female saxophonist, Anastasia also works as a model so she knows very well how to pose for the camera to ensure a perfect result.

From time to time Anastasia will upload short videos on her Instagram, as she did last Christmas to congratulate all of her followers. The interesting thing about Instagram is how you can write comments and interact with Anastasia, either to congratulate her on past performances or to ask where she will be performing soon.


In this website and blog we will always keep you informed about all of the plans and projects from our favorite international saxophonist, but her Instagram account is the place you should go to receive the latest news and look at her best photos.

Anastasia is not one of those people who will upload everything she does to social networks, since her professional schedule is too busy; but she never forgets about her followers and often checks in to read fan comments.

Today, social networks are a given for any artist, regardless of their status or the circles in which they move. That’s why we invite you to follow Anastasia McQueen on her Instagram and enjoy her unique way of doing everything, even managing social networks.