If you look at the class of Ibizan artists, you can find almost every kinds of performer, each of them devoted to putting on the most varied shows. After all, we are talking about a place which is visited by tourists as much for its sunshine and beaches as for its world-famous clubs. There, you can hear the most renowned DJs or enjoy performances that simply cannot be experienced anywhere else. Any artists’ agency in Ibiza can offer a wide variety of different artists, so allowing clients to pick those which fit best with the events that they are planning. Nothing is impossible in a place as dedicated to partying as Ibiza. Among all the performers that can be hired is the event saxophonist, and this is one of the jobs which is most often performed by Anastasia McQueen. The word “event” here is used in its broadest sense, covering everything from advertising launches to private birthday parties.


Anastasia’s special talent is not only that she is a female saxophonist, since that is a distinction which is shared by other artists in Ibiza. It is also found in the kind of music she makes, so precise and so carefully created. There may be other reasons, but Anastasia’s quality and attention to detail are what mark her work out as special. When something from an Ibiza artists’ agency proves to be effective, as is the case when it comes to a female saxophonist, others will try to provide an alternative for the feature that has been so successful, in order to follow in its slipstream and pick up more business. But copies rarely have the flavour of the original, and for that reason Anastasia’s show remains special and unique. Some things simply cannot be copied, such as her innate talent, but there is also the way in which she works on and polishes her playing to make it something very special. When Anastasia takes the stage, everything is unique to her, with her playing style and technique displaying classical influences but also an ultra-modern taste in music. Also special is her wardrobe, which she plans so carefully that sometimes she fixes it herself to ensure that everything is absolutely perfect. Of course, Anastasia’s sensuality is also something that cannot be imitated, with her elegance and movements on stage showing the fruits of her modelling experience. In short, there are many female saxophonists – but there is only one Anastasia McQueen.