We are letting you know that this summer, Anastasia McQueen will participate in the Sintillate parties at Nikki Beach Ibiza. However, on May 11th, that is to say this Thursday, you can already enjoy this event. Also invited to the Sintillate parties is DJ Loeca, and there will be dancers and a whole lot of fun. An appointment that you cannot miss, and one that will be very special is

Just as we advertised a few posts ago, the summer is arriving full of events for Anastasia McQueen. Our beautiful saxophonist is not going to stay quiet this summer and she has already fixed dates for parties that she is going to participate in in some of the most famous discos in Ibiza. We can already reveal the dates that this saxophonist is going to appear in Ibiza, opening the

Dancers bring sensuality to Anastasia McQueen’s show. Some of Anastasia McQueen’s shows include performances from dancers. These women, well prepared and chosen from the very best, contribute a great deal to the shows. To start off with, they bring sensuality. This is something very important in Anastasia’s shows, and when we speak of sensuality we mean the stimulation of the senses, something which this saxophonist does very well. She is

There are combinations that are able to create something very special when it comes to the most brilliant artists, and this is true in the case of Anastasia McQueen. In her, we see the union of a look suitable to a model, carefully created and with a beautiful appearance, with the hands of an artist able to handle the saxophone like a dream. Anastasia loves the sax and this is

Despite the fact that the artists of Ibiza perform in the island throughout the whole year, it is in the summer months that their schedules fill up with the largest number of performances. During this time, in which the largest influx of tourists into the island is seen, Ibiza becomes a party in which the performances are not limited to the night time – and not just to one night

If you want to play a musical instrument, the first thing that you need to learn is how to feel the music and to love it. Many people begin music classes because they want to imitate a famous musician and emulate their performances on stage. There is nothing wrong with this; it simply means that the famous musician in question has put across enough passion and feeling to prompt another