Despite the fact that the artists of Ibiza perform in the island throughout the whole year, it is in the summer months that their schedules fill up with the largest number of performances. During this time, in which the largest influx of tourists into the island is seen, Ibiza becomes a party in which the performances are not limited to the night time – and not just to one night alone, either. It is possible to see incredible performances throughout the entire day, such as, for instance, those which Anastasia McQueen creates outside the hotels, accompanied by a group of experts on the FlyBoard. This spectacle can be enjoyed in a different way during the night, when the lights shine brightly, or during the day time when one can see pirouettes and dances on the stage. Coming to enjoy Ibiza in the summer is, without doubt, an experience which everybody should have at least once in their lives, because it is a place completely different from any other. During the course of just one day you can live a whole host of different experiences, all of them amazingly pleasurable – such as eating breakfast on a tranquil terrace beside the sea, taking part in a party in your hotel throughout the whole afternoon, or dancing in the best party rooms well beyond the setting of the sun.

In brief: Anastasia McQueen will show us her schedule

If you are one of those people who plans their holidays around the festivals and parties that will be celebrated across the length and breadth of the country, as well as in other locations in Europe, now is the time to note down the most important date for those holidays. This is especially the case if the best quality dance music is your thing. In a few days, Anastasia McQueen will present us with her schedule of performances for this summer, which without doubt will coincide with those of other artists in Ibiza – it is also possible that she will have several performances planned outside of the island itself. Would you like to know what and when Anastasia McQueen’s performances will be for this summer? We recommend that you follow her on social media, because this will enable you to be one of the first people to get that information. During these coming holidays, you will have a date with dance music, and a fabulous sax show from a woman who has broken many a mould in the world of music and in the field of saxophone spectaculars. Arrange your schedule so that you can see her, and you will not regret it.