Just as we advertised a few posts ago, the summer is arriving full of events for Anastasia McQueen. Our beautiful saxophonist is not going to stay quiet this summer and she has already fixed dates for parties that she is going to participate in in some of the most famous discos in Ibiza.

We can already reveal the dates that this saxophonist is going to appear in Ibiza, opening the way with giant steps on the stage. Looking at her bursting agenda, you might be forgiven for thinking that a day for Anastasia lasts longer than a day for we other mortals.

We are going to give you advance information already about two of the parties that Anastasia is going to appear at throughout this summer, though it is also true that we will all enjoy the fact that some of her performances were kept as surprise appearances in the island’s party rooms.

Vintage parties with Sebastián Gamboa

Anastasia is certainly going to join Sebastián Gamboa’s Vintage parties. The famous DJ will be providing his spectacle in the famous part room called Lío, where Anastasia is also a resident.

Lío is one of the party rooms that belongs to the group Pachá and it is currently one of the most popular in Ibiza. Here, you will always see at least someone famous. For example, not very long ago photographs appeared in the media of Cristiano Ronaldo leaving this room in the company of a friend.

Sebastián Gamboa is one of the best DJs in our country and his Vintage parties are already well known among all of the residents of Ibiza, among whom there are many people who have not been to a party yet but who want to see them in person.

Sintillate parties im Nikki Beach Ibiza

Another party room that is well known both within and outside Ibiza. Throughout the whole summer, Anastasia McQueen will be part of the Sintillate parties that are housed in this room. There, you can see everyone who comes to the island to enjoy its atmosphere` in summer, one of the most spectacular in all of Europe.

If you are going to pass through Ibiza do not fail to check out the schedules for Sintillate and Vintage and head over there to enjoy the amazing concerts of which Anastasia will form one part. You will be surprised by their amazing quality and by the excellent performances of this saxophonist, who is conquering the hearts of the public every time that she performs thanks to her great professionality, the quality of her music and the spectacle that she provides on stage.

This summer, dare to party with Anastasia McQueen!