Dancers bring sensuality to Anastasia McQueen’s show. Some of Anastasia McQueen’s shows include performances from dancers. These women, well prepared and chosen from the very best, contribute a great deal to the shows. To start off with, they bring sensuality. This is something very important in Anastasia’s shows, and when we speak of sensuality we mean the stimulation of the senses, something which this saxophonist does very well. She is able to play in a special way, touching the core of her listener’s being and, what is more, motivating them to dance and to enjoy a very special performance.

But despite the fact that Anastasia is able to create wonderful performances on stage by herself, in some of her shows it is precisely the performances of the dancers that – in addition to sensuality – brings spectacle, something which is also vital in a sax show. Their way of moving and their careful choreography enrich Anastasia’s shows, prompting the audience to feel the need to dance even more urgently.

Of course, all of the dancers in these shows have been carefully chosen so that the people who have come to enjoy the spectacle can enjoy it to the full. Moreover, Anastasia is known for her professionality and for her own amazing talents. As such, it is logical that she also wants to have the best professionals surrounding her onstage.

Fun, spectacle, sensuality and fantastic dancers

We have said that Anastasia is able to create a spectacle all by herself on stage, but that she is also used to sharing the stage and she knows how to cede part of her dominance on stage so that the fabulous dancers that accompany her can demonstrate their skills and give the public moments that are truly fun and spectacular.

Anastasia also interacts with the dancers in order to create a spectacle that is constantly fluid, funny and original. Even though everything is well choreographed and prepared, what is certain is that every day there will be small details that make the spectacle original and different and this is something that delights the regular audience members in those locales where Anastasia offers several shows.

These little personal touches and adaptations mean that the show is able to reach the public in a different way every night, and it is they that truly constitute the difference between a straight up, regular show that is always the same and a professional performance that is able to take the temperature of the audience and to know when to ramp up the intensity of the show to keep all of them in the performer’s pocket.