If there is a word that defines Anastasia McQueen when she steps on stage, that word is “sexy”. We are talking about a very beautiful woman who also knows how to move to attract attention in an elegant and very sensual way. Her femininity is plain to see and her charm too, but soon after she has taken the spotlight, other things about her start attracting our attention. First and foremost comes her formidable skill with her instrument, the saxophone. With her being a beautiful woman who has worked as a model and who is endowed with undoubtable beauty, it is easy to dismiss her as just a pretty girl who walks around the stage and probably just pretends she is playing live. The reality is very different. With a classical training at a conservatory and many years of experience behind it, Anastasia not only plays live but does it with admirable skill and feel, offering performances of great quality. Anastasia does not just enthral the general public; she also commands the respect and admiration of those who understand a little more about the instrument, as is the case with other musicians who are her fans.


Being sexy is not at odds with having talent, and Anastasia is proving it day after day. Surely, it would have been quite easy for her to build the kind of show where she did not have to rehearse as much and did not touch so many different styles. But she is a tireless worker and very demanding of herself, which is also why her career is taking off right now. Thanks to the high standard to which she holds herself, the type of show for which you want to book her has no effect on the quality of her performance. She will know how to give you exactly what you are looking for and will fulfil – and surpass – your expectations. Just have a look at the videos of Anastasia’s sax shows to experience her versatility and know-how on stage, seducing not only with her image, but also with her music. A pretty woman with no talent will not get very far in the end, but a sexy and talented female saxophonist such as her is sure to give the world a lot to talk about. So keep your eyes and ears peeled for Anastasia McQueen because surely there will be more buzz around her.This woman will stop at nothing and always has an ace up her sleeve to surprise and delight us.