To hire a sax show, the first thing you need to do is deciding what exactly you are looking for. This type of show is not the same kind of performance you’d expect from a classic sax, orchestra, classical band or jazz show, which are general musical shows.

Think of the sax player as a performer; she’s more suitable for a party where people want to dance than an intimate concert where elegant accompanying music would be the best choice.

Wouldn’t it be great to find an entertainer who can reliably get the party stated? You should check out the Anastasia McQueen sax show, since this saxophonist will be the life and blood of any event.


Hiring a saxophone show from Anastasia McQueen is simple; just keep these guidelines in mind:

Plan well ahead of time, since Anastasia has most of her shows booked in advance. By calling early, you will have a better chance of getting the date you want. After booking a date you can start planning your event with confidence.

– Call the contact number +34 646 139 249 or send an email to the address You can request all the information you need, from checking if your preferred date is available to asking about the different types of shows that this female saxophonist performs.

– Once you know roughly what you want, you can ask about prices and get an idea of how much it would cost to hire international saxophonist Anastasia McQueen to perform at your event or party. Keep in mind that the price will vary depending on the type of show you are looking for. It is not the same to hire a regular saxo show or a saxo show with Flyboards.

– Plan your event with Anastasia McQueen to help her match your vision perfectly. Anastasia does not have a standard show that she performs every single time; each of her events is original and unique. She works hard to ensure everyone is happy with her performance and her ethics is always impeccable. The perfectionist spirit of Anastasia makes her want to always go the extra mile to guarantee of total satisfaction.