When you book one of Anastasia McQueen’s sax shows, you are not going to get a canned show which gets played every night in a different town. The great versatility of this artist allows her to adapt to all types of parties and events that she wants to perform, choosing the music she will play to match the customer’s desired themes. For example, sax performances at weddings or anniversary parties often have a high romantic content that the artist does not usually feature in her regular shows. But, given the character of these celebrations that requires some sugar, she knows how to provide happy couples with that special atmosphere they are looking for. Romanticism is not synonymous with churning out music classics that end up boring everyone. Instead, it requires themes which are known to create a very pleasant atmosphere, with a slight sentimental touch that invites intimacy, talk and slow dancing – something essential to any celebration of this type.


The type of sax show to accompany a wedding or an anniversary party calls for a lot of elegance. That is why Anastasia not only chooses to be elegant with her music, but also to dress and act with utmost elegance. Her image will be in complete harmony with the event’s nature at all times, whether it is about high etiquette or it is a typical Ibiza wedding in which “el banco” is mandatory for all guests. The outfits of the artist play a major role in her sax shows, since they allow her not only to present herself and give a great musical performance but also to provide entertainment at all levels, as the best in the business do. That’s why costume changes are common at Anastasia McQueen’s shows.

Romantic music definitely does not rule out moments of dancing and fun in which the whole house can participate. But there are those special moments in which the loving couple must be the absolute protagonists, for example during the ceremony or when they hit the dance floor for their first twirl as spouses. These are the important points where elegance and romanticism must go hand in hand. The couple and the artist choose the music together so that the lovers feel comfortable and have a personal connection to the songs that will accompany their dance. They will never be disappointed if they entrust those important moments to Anastasia McQueen.