Anastasia McQueen has a recognised prestige as an international saxophonist. Firstly from working with different groups and now in her solo career, Anastasia has trodden the boards of stages all over Europe and even as far away as India. And in all of these locations she has managed to win over very different audiences, using her music to get her message across without any barriers.

As an international saxophonist, Anastasia, has unveiled a new way of playing music with her sax. The most popular dance music sounds different when accompanied by an instrument that, for many decades, has shown itself to be one of the best makers of dance music.

Anastasia knows the saxophone very well, both at the level of classical training and when playing jazz and other styles of dance. She has played in all kinds of bands. Her classical academic training was followed by personal training in all fields of contemporary music, including pop and her favourite style: the dance music that takes place in the most famous clubs around the world.

Therefore, it is no coincidence that this attractive saxophonist resides in Ibiza, where she feels totally at home and can be very active at work throughout the year.

A soaring trajectory

Anastasia McQueen’s career as an international saxophonist is booming. In the last year she has performed in many different venues, and highlights include her performances in Malta and Andorra, where she gave a luxury reception in this current year which is slowly entering its last quarter.

And she did all this without neglecting her career at a national level, both in Ibiza, the island where she resides and where she gives most of her performances, and in other parts of the peninsula. Little by little, the name of Anastasia becomes more and more known among all lovers of dance music.

All of this occurs without Anastasia losing her perspective. She always keeps her feet on the ground and, like all talented musicians, is humble. So when asked, she always says she has a lot of work ahead of her and is willing to keep fighting for her dreams. And if there is something that undoubtedly characterises her, it is an enviable work ethic that will bring her right to the top of the pile.