Have you seen the latest videos that Anastasia McQueen posted on her Facebook? They are really incredible. I’m talking about those that correspond with the performance she did during the night in combination with an excellent Flyboard rider. And no, don’t think that you already know what is going to happen, because if you haven’t seen it you cannot even begin to imagine what it’s like.
During the performance, Anastasia gets elevated in the air and spreads her wings. Wings that are made of glowing cloth, making her look like a real angel flying over the water before the eyes of the public who can’t believe what they are seeing. A whole show of light, sound and Flyboard as well as sax music. A show, in capital letters, that many people are talking about right now in Ibiza.

Anastasia has outdone herself in a performance that is a favorite among people, combining Flyboard with saxo music and now made it even more spectacular and striking. If people thought they had seen it all, they don’t know Anastasia yet. She will reach the top, she’ll even grow wings if necessary, but nothing will keep her from her goals. Nothing will keep this woman down.

Anastasia can boast of enamoring her audience on land, on stage, in the air, on a Flyboard as well as on water, as she performs throughout the year on private boats for birthday parties or any other celebrations among friends.

Anastasia is not afraid of anything. We have seen her on the beaches of Thailand as well as in the snow of Andorra. Always smiling that spectacular smile and enjoying great success with her public. We could say that she doesn’t have to prove anything, but it’s better to remain silent as tomorrow Anastasia McQueen might surprise us with some crazy idea that leaves us open-mouthed.
It’s great to see how professionals like Anastasia McQueen continue to understand how important it is to keep magic, surprise and novelty in shows. So, the public is going to see what is offered and there is no doubt that more and more will want to see what Anastasia has to offer.