The sax is fashionable and in Ibiza you can see different events in which female saxophonists are the protagonists. However, not all events have the same success and not all female saxophonists are really musicians.
More than once, seeing a photograph of Anastasia McQueen, they have thought it is a professional model and that playing the saxophone is just an excuse to sneak in parties in Ibiza and show their beauty on stage.
But this is something that is forgotten just listening to play this woman who, although she has worked as a model, has done it as something secondary to his true profession: music. And it is that she is an atypical case and this is something that is noticed and that is easily appreciated.

Anastasia is music

Anastasia has a strong background as a professional musician, which not only stands out among the vast majority of female saxophonists, but also performs at parties with DJs, she can also offer other types of services.
Anastasia can collaborate on advertising events, fashion shows and even playing private parties. In fact she has acted even in weddings, something that has made her special illusion since it seems something very beautiful to have someone trust her for such an important day in her life.
Of course, thanks to the professionalism of this woman saxophonist in Ibiza, everything is going to come out as expected on such a date and should not fear any kind of incidents.

Anastasia is dancing

In addition to playing the saxophone, Anastasia is also different from other female saxophonists in Ibiza for her careful staging. She dances at the same time as she plays, so she has to take great care of her movements. But he does it with a lot of grace and sensuality without even a note.
But in addition, his attire is especially striking. She takes care of the detail and designs her own clothes to make sure she is always going to be very sexy and comfortable in front of her followers. Anastasia shines brightly on the stage and the audience adores her.

That is why we affirm that she is an outstanding saxophonist woman in Ibiza and not only in Ibiza, but also in the different stages she has trod. This summer has been every week in Barcelona, where it has been made known to a wide audience that has been taken by her.