We continue to talk about why we have to see Anastasia McQueen live, a woman who grows as an artist every day and shows us that her peak is still very far from being reached. Let’s keep on exploring why you have to see her.
-Because she usually accompanies the best musicians and DJs. This is very important. When a DJ already has a name and a prestige in the stages of the best discos, he chooses very well which artists he takes on his tours or makes fixed for his weekly performances. The fact that several of these DJs have chosen Anastasia as an accompanist lets us see that she is already considered as one of the best in her musical field.
-Because she has a great deal of experience that supports her shows. Anastasia is a born grafter and as such has a great artistic career behind her. Her vast experience is instantly visible on the stage as her shows all develop in a very special way. She is an artist from head to toe, something that is clear from the first moment that she walks on stage.
-Because regardless of the type of party, she knows how to give it a personal touch. It does not matter if it is a party with a major DJ or whether it is a performance combined with Flyboards or whether Anastasia is performing solo to close a parade or an event. Every musician will try to adapt to their situation, but with her personal touch she makes each performance something unique, very fun and original.
“Because you’re going to have some fun.” And this is very important, because what is the point of going to see a live show if you are not going to have fun? Obviously, this is something fundamental and with Anastasia we can say that fun is guaranteed. Her music, her dances and her ease on stage will ensure that you spend an incredibly unique time.
Now you have a series of reasons not to miss the next performance by Anastasia McQueen that you have the opportunity to witness. On this website you will find new information about her performances every now and then, so stay tuned to find out when she will be playing near where you live or where you plan to go on vacation.
Anastasia performs very often in Ibiza, where she resides, so this is a fantastic excuse to visit an island famous for the beauty of its landscapes and for its incredible parties that occur pretty much back to back twenty-four hours a day.