If you are trying to organise original events in your local area, Anastasia McQueen can help. This saxophonist organises the most fun and varied shows combining sax, music and dance, and she is always ready to new innovations and suggestions. As proof that Anastasia is an expert in original events you only have to see her shows with Flyboard in which she has great experts in performing all kinds of

Anastasia has always emphasised that she is not primarily a model, rather she is a saxophonist whose main vocation is music. But her beauty and her knowledge of the cameras have meant that more than once she had been picked out to be the face of an important advert or promotion. A model should not only be beautiful and have an attractive figure, though these are requirements that Anastasia more

We are aware that when you are reading this blog and seeing her social networks it seems impossible to believe that Anastasia is a single person: are we perhaps dealing with a pair of identical twins? Can you really be in so many things? Well the truth is that there is only one Anastasia and that she is unique. There is no trick behind an agenda like Anastasia McQueen’s, just

Do you wonder why you should hire Anastasia for your next event and not any other person who offers sax shows? The answer is quite obvious, Anastasia is different. The sax show that she offers is unique for each client as she always cares about providing personalised details that she knows can please the specific person who has hired her to play. But also, it is Anastasia’s superb way of

If you follow Anastasia McQueen on her social network sites, you will have seen the beautiful photo that she shared the other day: a box of red roses. Absolutely gorgeous, although she has not told us who gave it to her – does she perhaps, have a special fan in Barcelona? And it coincided with those dates that Anastasia was about to perform in Barcelona alongside Sebastian Gamboa. In any

If there is a word that defines Anastasia McQueen when she steps on stage, that word is “sexy”. We are talking about a very beautiful woman who also knows how to move to attract attention in an elegant and very sensual way. Her femininity is plain to see and her charm too, but soon after she has taken the spotlight, other things about her start attracting our attention. First and