If you follow Anastasia McQueen on her social network sites, you will have seen the beautiful photo that she shared the other day: a box of red roses. Absolutely gorgeous, although she has not told us who gave it to her – does she perhaps, have a special fan in Barcelona? And it coincided with those dates that Anastasia was about to perform in Barcelona alongside Sebastian Gamboa.

In any case, it certainly seemed to be a very appropriate gift, evoking the same feeling of  energy and strength that this woman transmits when on stage. Each of her sax shows are pure passion and love for music. You only have to see the audience in videos, as they surrender every time she goes on stage – the sound of her sax marking the rhythm of the dance.

Anastasia McQueen and the sax shows

Anastasia McQueen has a summer full of performances, not only with her own sax shows, but also those in collaboration with other talented artists, as is already the case with Sebastian Gamboa.

Anastasia performs at parties and events with other artists, but never neglects her own performances as a female saxophonist for other events. Such as playing at private parties, weddings or fashion shows.

If you are planning a special event this summer, it is advisable to call as soon as possible in order to maximise your chance of finding the date of your event available within Anastasia’s schedule. If your event is for a future date, please do not hesitate to make your reservation; remember that the Anastasia sax shows are very much in demand and the amount of available days are limited.

A performance by Anastasia McQueen is enough to turn a good event into a great one. The Anastasia sax shows are elegant, classy and tasteful, catering to each client’s individual requirements. She can perform her dance music (for which she is better known), and more romantic interpretations for weddings.

Anastasia and her sax will make all the difference to any event, ensuring that guests will comment on your good taste and choice of musical accompaniment. Not only is the music elegant during Anastasia’s sax shows, she is also a singer and always knows what is the most appropriate type of music for each and every occasion.