Do you wonder why you should hire Anastasia for your next event and not any other person who offers sax shows? The answer is quite obvious, Anastasia is different. The sax show that she offers is unique for each client as she always cares about providing personalised details that she knows can please the specific person who has hired her to play.

But also, it is Anastasia’s superb way of interacting with people that ensures that her shows are always improvised and always very natural, so that each of her shows is also also totally unrepeatable. To improvise it is necessary to be very professional and to be very well prepared in one’s work and this is something that also differentiates Anastasia from other saxophonists, and indeed from a great deal of other public performers.

A very personal way of interpreting

Anastasia does not just play music, she touches it with her heart, putting her personality into every note and it is this that makes her sax sound in a very personal way. She is not just a simple interpreter who merely touches the notes in the right order like a robot. She is a musician and therefore she knows how to put her soul into each note so that it cannot help but resound with life itself.

The saxophone shows by Anastasia are very varied because her skill and her experience allow her to play very many different types of music depending on the audience’s tastes, ranging from relaxed and quiet music that will provide a lovely background to any event, to pieces that are so full of energy that they will get everyone up on their feet and get them to dance until they can dance no more.

Extensive training and experience

Anastasia’s extensive training at a professional music conservatory and her great experience at playing in all kinds of events make her a safe bet for any type of event. But in addition, Anastasia has the perfect physique for this type of show. Her natural beauty and her way of moving on stage is hypnotic for all those who come to her performances. Who can not help themselves but feel seduced by this woman?

Her music, her beauty and her CV are the best guarantees when you decide to hire Anastasia. She always knows how to acquit herself well in any situation and in front of any kind of public, achieving an almost magical empathy that makes her somehow know what is the perfect thing to give them at any given moment. She has played with some of the best DJs in Ibiza and knows how to work as part of a team and how to live up to the standards set by some of the greatest musicians of our time.