Anastasia has always emphasised that she is not primarily a model, rather she is a saxophonist whose main vocation is music. But her beauty and her knowledge of the cameras have meant that more than once she had been picked out to be the face of an important advert or promotion.

A model should not only be beautiful and have an attractive figure, though these are requirements that Anastasia more than meets. You also have to know how to move and how to seduce the cameras. Anastasia worked in the early part of her career in the television, forming part of the orchestra that worked next to a famous showman. She knows what it’s like to be in front of the cameras and how to play with them in a seductive fashion.

This experience has helped her to pose professionally but at the same time with a naturalness that means that all who work with her fall in love with her. Anyone who has the good fortune to work with Anastasia is fascinated by her commitment to work and how simple she makes everything for those who have to work with her. She has no flighty whims like the big divas do.

The value of work, a principle that Anastasia also applied to her work as a model

Since being a model is not her main activity and exercising her skill as a model is more of a secondary thing in her life, you might think that Anastasia takes it as a respite or thinks of it as a game. No doubt, she enjoys it as she enjoys everything she does. But this does not stop her from taking it very seriously.

Anastasia was educated with very solid values in which hard work was the key to getting any reward. That is why she now knows that she must put all her efforts into every job she does, regardless of which facet of her career it relates to, in order to succeed.

As an artist, she takes care of all the details of her work, from musical technique to interpreting her songs to the movements on stage.

Being a model, a charming aspect of her profession

As a model, Anastasia likes to put into practice everything that she has learned on stage when it comes to moving. This work helps you to know yourself even better, to see what your best angles are and how to be ever more appealing.

All this helps when she climbs on stage and wants to give the best of herself to an audience. The result: a woman who knows how to dance, play and communicate when she performs.