If you are trying to organise original events in your local area, Anastasia McQueen can help. This saxophonist organises the most fun and varied shows combining sax, music and dance, and she is always ready to new innovations and suggestions.

As proof that Anastasia is an expert in original events you only have to see her shows with Flyboard in which she has great experts in performing all kinds of acrobatic exercises in the air and without the need for going out onto the sea as they only need a pool.

If Anastasia was able to dare to perform her performances in the air held by one of these riders, why should we not expect not this saxophonist to be spectacularly daring both in her performances and in her staging?

We believe that there are really few things that this woman does not dare to do or even things that she has not done before. Her long career has been filled with experience and has means that this woman has faced all kinds of situations live, on stage and with the public in front of her. This is a great school in which, at all times, she has learned new things to the highest standard.

Challenge Anastasia with your original events

If you have a really original idea in your head that has to do with the saxophone and if you are looking for the right person to make it come true, Anastasia is undoubtedly your ideal woman. She is daring, innovative and very professional, the perfect mix for your original events to come out as well as you have planned.

You can take a look at videos from Anastasia’s YouTube channel and you’ll see how fun this artist is on the stage and how well the audience is enjoying her performances. You will also see her versatility, being able to play in a hotel, next to a pool, at a wedding on the beach or even on the street.

She is daring with everything she does. She is excited about original events and turns them into projects of her own, working hard to make everything go well and to ensure that the public is satisfied with what it gets. Of course, those who hire her usually see how she enters into the project one hundred percent and goes beyond her obligations.

Remember that Anastasia has a very busy schedule, so if you are interested in hiring her or in challenging her to make your original events come true, you should call ahead to hire her.