We are aware that when you are reading this blog and seeing her social networks it seems impossible to believe that Anastasia is a single person: are we perhaps dealing with a pair of identical twins? Can you really be in so many things? Well the truth is that there is only one Anastasia and that she is unique.

There is no trick behind an agenda like Anastasia McQueen’s, just a lot of work and a great capacity for sacrifice. Although, as we have seen, all this does not prevent you from taking a break from time to time to clear your head. She is fully aware that maintaining a healthy mental balance is essential if she is to continue giving it her all on stage.

Of course, there is also the great love that Anastasia feels for what she does, which makes her perceive her work not as an obligation, but as something pleasant which she enjoys very much even if it involves a great deal of personal sacrifice.

Night parties

During the summer, the evening parties are a constant feature in the life of Anastasia, and as always we are talking from the point of view of her work. On several days every week she has fixed dates for parties in which she participates with her sax show and for which she is well known.

In some cases, parties are very close to home but in others she must catch a plane and spend a couple of days abroad to be able to fulfill her commitments, as is the case with her regular parties in Barcelona or with other occasional ones, such as the Café Del Mar in Malta, in which Anastasia has just performed.

Other Events

And all this takes place without leaving aside other events, such as private weddings or music for advertising events. Whenever she can, she accepts new customers in order to be able to offer her music and shows to more people.

In some hotels Anastasia is hired frequently for afternoon parties beside the pool, where the Flyboard is one of the main protagonists of the event.

With all this filling up her agenda it goes without saying that the beautiful saxophonist is never bored. She deals with many very different jobs that always pose new challenges in her career and help her to become more and more well known.

In the past, many people went to a show and discovered Anastasia while they were there. Now, however, in many cases they have already discovered Anastasia and come to a show specifically to see her perform live. A subtle but important difference in her career.