The Café del Mar in Barcelona is a select club in the city of Barcelona where you can enjoy different areas. A favourite of all guests at this time of year is the pool room, which can be used to relax on sun loungers or on Balinese beds throughout the week. On weekends, in addition, you will enjoy the incredible parties that are held here, including the party called La

While everyone goes to Ibiza to rest and enjoy the good weather, Anastasia McQueen does not stop working to make everyone’s vacation a little bit more special; she achieves this in all aspects of her profession. As an entrepreneur, her business allows many Ibiza visitors to enjoy a variety of water sports, of which she herself is a fan. As a musician, her most important aspect, is to be in

As we stated a week ago, Anastasia does not only have national performances this summer. One of her next international gigs will take place in Malta next July. This beautiful island is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. It could not fail to be able to ensure the presence of the female saxophonist who has conquered yet another of the key islands of this type of

To hire a sax show, the first thing you need to do is deciding what exactly you are looking for. This type of show is not the same kind of performance you’d expect from a classic sax, orchestra, classical band or jazz show, which are general musical shows. Think of the sax player as a performer; she’s more suitable for a party where people want to dance than an intimate

Anastasia’s shows are celebrations of good music. Her sax is the centre of attention, along with the performer’s fantastic choreography and stage presence. But oftentimes there is another remarkable stage presence: the DJ. In Anastasia’s preferred style of music, the DJ plays a crucial role in much of the show, providing the backing track, mixes, and arrangements upon which the female saxophonist takes the lead and plays her trademark licks.

We have commented on occasion that Anastasia McQueen is a quoted top model besides saxophonist. There are many hidden faces of this multifaceted woman, able to print her personal stamp on all the land she touches. But Anastasia McQueen’s relationship with fashion is not limited to photographic sessions or very successful advertising campaigns. She also brings her music in parades of level, in which every detail is meticulously cared for.