As we stated a week ago, Anastasia does not only have national performances this summer. One of her next international gigs will take place in Malta next July.

This beautiful island is one of the most wonderful tourist destinations in the Mediterranean. It could not fail to be able to ensure the presence of the female saxophonist who has conquered yet another of the key islands of this type of environment: Ibiza.

Anastasia will be at the Malta Sea Café, located at Malta National Aquarium, Triq it-Trunciera, San Pawl il-Bahar. There she will present her show as a part of the event “Red Sunset Party”.

Red Sunset Party in Malta

This party is organized by Think Music and Think Fashion among others. It will take place on July 22nd and Anastasia McQueen will take part along with other artists. This will certainly be a great time to decide to once again visit Malta.

Anastasia was accustomed to playing in different parts of the world right from the start of her career, when it comprised of different musical formations, especially the Big Band sound. That is why she is so comfortable travelling to different parts of the world to perform.

This year has already involved several different locations, some as far away as Thailand. The enchanting notes of her saxophone heard in discos, party halls and even in the streets of many main tourist areas.

Anastasia, international saxophonist

Although Anastasia was born in Belarus, we cannot help but feel that a part of her belongs to us, maybe because she has lived in Ibiza for some time now. But this feeling of possession does not prevent us from feeling overjoyed by her international success and we all love the fact that her music can be appreciated anywhere by anybody.

In this blog, we will continue to report on all the national and international performances by Anastasia McQueen, but, in order for you to be able to interact and immerse yourself more intensely in all her performances and the surroundings, we highly recommend that you subscribe to her YouTube channel.

You just have to search for videos featuring Anastasia McQueen to visually enjoy some of her great performances and get to know and understand a little more about the music of this female saxophonist, who is able to make people, from all over the world, dance to the rhythm of her music.

You just have to see how she moves on the stage to realise that her energy and stage presence is contagious and that this woman will undoubtedly continue to give much pleasure and entertainment to many for years to come.