The Café del Mar in Barcelona is a select club in the city of Barcelona where you can enjoy different areas. A favourite of all guests at this time of year is the pool room, which can be used to relax on sun loungers or on Balinese beds throughout the week. On weekends, in addition, you will enjoy the incredible parties that are held here, including the party called La Movida, in which Anastasia performs on alternate Sundays.

It also has a delightful skyline terrace, located in the highest area of the building and from which you can enjoy fantastic views of the sea. A truly magical corner to have a drink or two with friends while allowing the vista to relax your body and release all your tensions.

It is also possible to enjoy an amazing Boat experience: a boat trip that will be totally unforgettable. This experience consists of a boat with all kinds of details and luxuries, including a VIP area, where you can enjoy a cocktail, delicious Japanese food or the views from the sea.

Anastasia takes part in the La Movida party at El café del Mar

One of the strong points of this select club are its festivals, which begin very early, sometimes even at four in the afternoon, and last until about one in the morning. An excellent schedule to enjoy the evening by the sea with the best music.

The La Movida party is already a classic among the activities of this club, a celebration that takes place on Sundays and to which Anastasia McQueen goes on alternate Sundays to offer her saxo show, which is already beginning to make a big impact in the cultural and musical circles of the city. Everyone who comes to enjoy this party is delighted with the spectacle that the beautiful female saxophonist offers to the public.

In the Café del Mar there are also corporate events provided by well-known firms. Its luxury facilities are perfect for this type of acts. Although for the moment Anastasia is not part of any of the planned corporate events, perhaps her budding fame in this club will take root and soon we will be announcing that the club will be partnering up with luxury corporations in the same way that happens often in Ibiza or in other cities.