We have commented on occasion that Anastasia McQueen is a quoted top model besides saxophonist. There are many hidden faces of this multifaceted woman, able to print her personal stamp on all the land she touches.
But Anastasia McQueen’s relationship with fashion is not limited to photographic sessions or very successful advertising campaigns. She also brings her music in parades of level, in which every detail is meticulously cared for.
Many famous companies have already hired Anastasia to play live during their parades, giving them a special aura. Music is able to make any collection even more attractive, highlighting the spirit of it.

Music for all types of parades

If we are talking about a collection of fun, daring and youthful clothes, Anastasia can accompany her by informal and casual dance music. This will fit perfectly with what you want to present and the audience you are addressing.
If you want to present elegant jewelry and accessories, why not a quality background music, with a chill-out touch that gives off class? Surely it helps the public get involved with what they want to show, highlighting its appeal.
What if it’s a collection of swimwear? Then you can opt for a much more daring proposal and combine the parade with one of the shows of Anastasia and its Flyboarders. Whether in the pool or in the ocean, the public can enjoy a number full of excitement.
In addition, this show can be performed both during the day and during the night, combining it with Led lights to achieve an even more spectacular and amazing result.

Anastasia, model of exception

Although Anastasia McQueen designs her own clothing, depending on the parade and type of number being organized, she herself could be an exception model and wear some of the items in the collection that are presented.
It is sure to achieve just what is expected with this type of events: surprise the public, impact with something different and get the show and product to combine perfectly, achieving that this way creates a mood of fantasy and glamor that clearly Favors the marketing factor.
Anastasia McQueen does not disappoint by putting that special spot in any fashion show, a land that is handled like a fish in the water.